I have been tagged by Ahmed Al-Omran for Six Quirks and Saudiwomen 10 hopes for in my life. Well guys I will try my best to do them since this is my first homework on the blogging world

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My Six Quirks:

  1. I never enjoy any football match, I feel like bunch of (……..) running after an inflated balloon and others are losing their temper watching them .. they say it is fun .. come on…
  2. I like long distance driving although in our country nothing to see much apart from desert and few camels at the side of the roads, and the road service is not for the human use but I still enjoy travelling by car.
  3. I am 41 years old , I feel I am living the med-age crisis. Helllllllllllllp
  4. Once in my life I tried to be a businessman, I failed so badly.. Now a days I am thinking to repeat the experience again .. so crazy ..
  5. I start to hate my job.. not because the things I dreamed about when I was student which was saving patients lives and all those stories, but because I discovered after 11 years working in the medical field that nothing of I dreamed about is ideal. It is only written in the medical books but in reality group of Thieves wearing white coats and starving to do private clinics and who can have the big piece of the cake.
  6. I bought ten books two months ago from Jareer and Obekan, till now I did not take them out of the plastic bag yet , I am so lazy when it comes to mental education …

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My sister Saudi woman

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The ten things I have hope for my life:

  1. Quit smoking today not tomorrow.
  2. Learn web sites programming and photoshop.
  3. Finish my higher education without waiting scholarship and (wasta) to have a scholarship.
  4. Gather with my family again in one city and in one house ( my parents, my sister and my brother).
  5. See my kids growing up without having the fears inside me of the future.
  6. Having strong rules and regulations that protect children from child abuse in my country.
  7. A family doctor for at least ten families and a bed for each citizen.
  8. Living the Civilization as we see it not as we try to fake it.
  9. My wife could take the kids to the mall or to the wonderland or even to the school in the morning by her own car .. Not by the driver who had his fifth car accident yesterday and thank God that he was alone.
  10. Travelling to Maldives again and again and again ..

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